Introducing Snaps 101 | Beginner Photography Workshop Markham

I am very excited to be finally posting about this! I have always wanted to share my photography knowledge with my local community and now I can! This is a beginners class to help you take better snaps of your kids (or anything else that interests you) and finally understand the fundamentals of using Manual.

I am looking for interested women to host a workshop for herself and 5 of her closest friends. Of course, men are more than welcome and you also do not need to be a mom.  The class is 3hrs in length with time afterwards for a QA period. Everyone will receive a booklet of carefully prepared handouts to take home with them. The workshop cost is $60 however every participant will receive a $50 gift certificate for a photography session with Slice of Life Photography so essentially the course will only run you $10! The host will also get something a little extra 🙂

So, if you have a camera  and if you always wanted to learn just a little more about how to use it, this is a class for you!


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