Pinterest Contest Winner | York Region Family Photographer

Of course I have a blog glitch and didn’t realize it until the late last night and I am supposed to announce my Pin It to Win It winner this morning. Ahhh! So, the rules originally stated that you were to post your link in the comments section of my blog post. But…. comments are, for some reason, not working right now and I need to figure out why. Technology sucks sometimes right?

So, I am changing it up to make it more fair. Head over to my Facebook Fan Page. I will post the boards I know about and that have been sent to me via email. I’ll give the rest of the you until later today to get those entries in. Then I will post the winner around dinner time! How’s that? Great!

I guess this was my own personal April Fools joke. Haha, very funny WordPress. Sorry about that folks!


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